The journey begins….

I have been there, done that. Trust me I thought I had everything under control. HAHAHAHA….who did I think I was fooling…??!!

First came marriage…ok, I have some things I need to learn…Love & Respect!? what does that look like….

enter child #1…we got this, I was made to be a mommy! sleep training?! oh boy…I still have a lot to learn….

enter child #2…we realize we are really blessed, baby #1 is an angel in comparison….open to suggestions…

enter baby #3….my cup runneth over….or if I am really honest,  the kettle top has BLOWN!!! I have lost my mind…I cannot remember what I did 5 minutes ago let alone what it is I like to do in my free time…

Life has been generous to me. I am blessed to be married to an incredibly delicious, driven, loyal man and together we have 4 incredible angel babies…

On the outside, it may appear I have it all together…I have always been a slave to my “perfect-patty personality disorder” where I TRY desperately to look the part, but I have never been good at hiding my emotions…

This is my journey of faith. Letting go and letting God. It is a journey of surrender. To invite and allow the Holy Spirit to fully move in me and through me. Most important is for me to be still and listen for the voice of the Lord. To not just be aware of the nudge of the Holy Spirit, but to listen and take action. Be present. Be real (Radically. Energetically. Advocate of Life with Christ). Act on Faith. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME!

I invite you to come along with me. My hope is that you can laugh along with me and possibly be moved to shed a tear…or more importantly, find the courage to take the risk of living a completely transparent life with me, vulnerable for ALL to see. There is no greater way to stay accountable than to FREELY expose and examine the motives of the heart….ready? Lets get started…

9 thoughts on “The journey begins….

    • krissa tejada says:

      Thank you sister. God knew what he was doing when he put us on the phone that night…I love you beyond measure. Thank you for praying without ceasing. Your courage to step out and be you has inspired me in countless ways….xoxox

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  1. Monica Aguilar says:

    Sooooo awesome!!!! Gratitude, love and ultimate respect for bold & Precious You Krissa!!! Your honesty is refreshing, your truth, touching. All a beautiful reflection of you, and so inspiring to so many. I will gladly and with wide open arms embrace this wonderful endeavor and join in this journey with you! Thank you for sharing and Being Light! Love & Hugs…

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  2. Kelli H. says:

    This really hits home. I truly believe the reason last year was so hard for me was because God was uprooting things out of my life and heart so that when the the time came for advancement into what he has for me to do, I would be able to go through it with grace, right motives, and without fear. And honestly, everyone I know had a bad year last year, and I can see how the fruit of all that turmoil is beginning to show itself. Gods people are rising up and taking their proper places. And he had to work on our character before the giftings could come. When we have giftings and talent without character as a foundation, it can be a dangerous thing for us. There’s so much. Anyway, it feels good to not be alone in the process.

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    • krissa tejada says:

      Amen sister. It is very comforting to have a friend to walk through it with to provoke thought and conversation and spark action. excited to see what is in store for us! and read your book! thank you for your comment…and your vulnerability.


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