He taught me to love again… 

A love letter to my husband…on Valentine’s Day

He taught me to Love again…0416-100410_Krissa-Efrain-Wedding-©8twenty8_Studios.jpg

I pray you will chose to be the receiver of that love…despite the person I once was…living without the light of the Lord…

I believe in you so much….Your dreams are my dreams…We are in this together…

God has an amazing plan for us. He wants to bless our marriage beyond comprehension…

He has shown me love again. He has shown me how to love. And I want to love you as I love the Lord…

FORGIVE Me for ever doubting you or anything that you believed in. That will never happen again as I know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. As I now believe that when I truly trust God and wait for Him to answer, He directs every step so effortlessly…

Come along on this journey with me…guided by the spirit… it is completely freeing…life is fun again…I can feel His desire for us….

Let us realign our dreams as one. I want to dream with you. Your dreams are God given dreams…and with God at the center of our marriage we are unstoppable. No one will able to resist the joy, love, peace and gratitude that comes from their experience of us. Let us BE THE EXAMPLE!


The people around us are a reflection of ourselves. I DESIRE for our reflection of love to be kindness, peacefulness, joy, love, loyalty, respect, trust and gratitude….

You inspire me in your unwavering loyalty. You have taught me so much about what it means to plant your flag and not sway. It was previously a thorn in my side…(because you would not budge and do what I thought you should do ;p)…but now I see it is your God-given talent and also a gift to me to be able to be a receiver of that loyalty…

where I was just blinded before…I NOW SEE…. 

 I love you for who God made you to be..



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